No way to play PUBG Mobile in China: How to Download Game for peace

Yes, it is not a joke. It is right to say that you have no way to play PUBG Mobile in China. This game has been killed off in this big market. Why does this happen? And how does Tencent handle this problem? Please follow our below post to understand better.

PUBG Mobile in China is killed off and fans have to get acquainted with new game

In February 2018, Tencent launched PUBG Mobile in China. However it is not official launch. There are many new regulations in Chinese law that causes difficulty for game online company.

pubg mobile china 2019

graphics of the game PUBG MOBILE new

Game online companies have difficulty in adapting these regulations. They must change the design for their products. Tencent couldn’t charge fee and get commercial profit from this game in Chinese market.

Keeping their games in Chinese market is a big challenge for Tencent and PUBG mobile. And to handle this situation, Tencent made official announcement on their website about the name of this game.

They decided to change style a bit. PUBG Mobile is killed off and alternative game for this game in China is Game for Peace.  Gamers find all things related to this alternative game at Game for Peace is available from April 2019.

PUBG is replaced in China by alternative game named Game for Peace

What is the difference between PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace? In fact, there is not much difference, almost exactly the same: game play, background, the graphic design…Players are not shocked so much.

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Safe Zone in game PUBG MOBILE 2 of Tencent chinese

Even some players realize that they have started Game for peace at the same place they left off in PUBG Mobile. Because Game of Peace keeps game plays as in PUBG Mobile. With this game, players have a new game play in which players will try to fight and survive in a smaller-size map.

Basically, the graphic design of Game for Peace is not different from PUBG Mobile. However graphic of this alternative game is optimized again, so that you can play game on devices with low configuration.

It means more players can enjoy this game. The gore is gone. When PUBG characters die, no gore anymore. They will wave their hand to say goodbye.Tencent PUBG Mobile with game for peace

For many players, Game for Peace is still awesome and they are attracted. However they are still afraid that they have to restart their character’s activities when they update to play Game for peace instead of PUBG.

How to download and install Game For Peace on your mobile?

From April 2019, gamers in China can’t download and play PUBG on their mobile because this game is killed off due to strict regulations from Chines government. Tencent – the game publisher changed something related to this game to keep their game in Chinese market.

So, Chinese gamers now play PUBG’s alternative game named Game For Peace. How to download and install this game? Please follow the instruction in below post.

How to download Game for Peace/ PUBG MOBILE Chinese

Game For Peace is not different from PUBG so much. It is almost exactly same as PUBG including the graphic design, background, game play… The alternative version keeps the game plays as in PUBG mobile however a new game play is added. In this new game play, players will fight and find the way to survive in a small-size map. Graphic is optimized to be suitable for devices with low configuration.

To download and install this game, you need to follow these steps:

Game for Peace – the alternative game for PUBG mobile in Chinese market

  1. Download the app named TapTap (click Here)
  2. When the setup file for TapTap is downloaded successfully, to install this app, you have to click the file.APK. Once installed successfully, open the app and click the personal icon in the upper left corner of the app interface.

    install app

    Download App Taptap

  3. Then click on the alias icon to access the setup menu and click the General Setting. In General setting, you can set up the language to use English instead of Chinese.
  4. Once you start to use English, you will be back the home page of the app. At there, you see the section Rankings, then find the game named Game for Peace. Select the icon Download to start install the game. You have to allow TapTap to access your photos, files on your mobile.
  5. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it takes you 10-20 minutes to download and install the game. In case, your game is installed automatically, you need to click the button Install.

    Install game For peace on

    Install game For peace (PUBG MOBILE CHINA)

  6. Next step: you need to install TapTap’s apps. To do this, please click Install, then select Allows from app
  7. When you complete these steps, please open Game For Peace. For the first time, you will need to update the newest version before using your QQ account or Wechat to login the game.
  8. It takes you about 30-40 minutes to download and install successfully Game for Peace on your mobile. However to start to play this game, you have to Wechat or QQ account because this game doesn’t allow guest to experience.

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