PUBG Mobile: Enjoy your battle on mobile perfectly

PUBG is online multiplayer battle royale game. This game is available on PC, but from 15th Mar 2018, gamers in over the world can experience this battle on their mobile.

Tencent launched this game’s mobile version with high-quality graphics. In the below article, we will show you more information about this version.

PUBG is one of the most popular games on PC. However it is time for you to forget your PC. An official mobile version has been launched. And now you can start game at anywhere, anytime. All things you need to have a smartphone with internet connection. Why does this game attract gamers so much?

PUBG mobile with high-quality graphic and configuration

As you know, PUBG on PC requires extremely high configuration. Many people are afraid that it is impossible for this game to run on mobile smoothly. It is so hard, they thought. Forget it! You will be surprised by Tencent. They are so successful when gamers are now able to fight smoothly on smartphone. Download speed is quite fast without any lag or congestion during the game. So, you can enjoy the game in a perfect way.

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PUBG mobile with high-quality graphic

And you have no way to deny that this version’s graphic is so amazing. Everything in game (the ground, tree, each grass, guns, fire effect, the moves and the sound..) is extremely realistic. Gamers feels as if they are in the real battlefield. Maps of game are very detailed and clear. This helps gamers play better. However this version doesn’t have the desert map.

The game is extremely dramatic

Same as the PC version, gamers will be one of 100 characters who parachute onto a remote island. The players have to do whatever to survive: locate; choose and use weapons, supplies, vehicle to land, loot, shoot or everything else. Surviving is not easy when you have to defeat many other players.

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The dramatic battle for survive

PUBG mobile has a variety of weapons for gamers to experience the battle perfectly. Besides that, gamers can customize their characters on game as they want. Thanks for high-quality graphic, characters on this version are quite similar to the real people. The game will be more dramatic and realistic if you create a team with your friend and play together.

Until now PUBG mobile supports many Android devices. This version is available on iOS devices, too. As stated from the publisher, they will keep optimizing existing content and new features will be added in the future. Now, download this mobile version and enjoy the battle with your friends!

The difference between PUBG mobile version and PC version

PUBG mobile has been launched officially by Tencent. It is good news for gamers who love strategy games. They now do not need to start their PC and enjoy the game because they can experience the battle perfectly on their smartphone with persistent internet connection. Mobile version is totally same as the PC version or not? Our below post will show you the answer for this question.

It is possible to say that PUBG mobile is the minimized version of the game on PC. However, it is not same as the PC one totally. If you are gamers who experienced the game on PC, it is not difficult for you to realize the difference:

Flexible to customize your character look.

On PUBG PC, you are allowed to create characters with custom-looking. However you have no way to change the look after you confirmed the creation of your character. Customizing the character look on mobile version is more flexible. This version allows you to change automatically if you pay for this (the fee for changing is about 3000 coins in game).

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Customize character look easily

This feature makes PUBG mobile more attractive. Gamers can join many different events and have chance to get many rewards in the game such as money, valuable items. This is not same as on PC version.

Daily tasks are added to PUBG mobile while you can’t find this on PC game. These tasks help gamers have chance to get more money and experience for surviving.

The change of structures

Impossible to use every detail of PUBG PC in PUBG mobile. To ensure the quality of graphic, download speed and allow gamers to enjoy the game perfectly, some details have to be removed. You will see the large fences, big windows and houses without glass door. It is convenient for you to control on mobile device with these.

Pick up valuable items automatically

You will save more time than ever with this feature. Especially, it picks up only items which you do not have. This feature even allows you to replace weapons such as rifles, sniper rifles or pick up viewfinders, firearms automatically.
There are still other amazing features on PUBG mobile.

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Change details to be suitable for mobile version

The best way to know about it is downloading the game and experience by yourself. You will be attracted by this game immediately.

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