Tencent Gaming Buddy: Download & play PUBG Mobile on PC

TGB giả lập cho PCTencent has developed an emulation software called Tencent Gaming Buddy to help their mobile phone game products can be played on computers (PC), including PUBG Mobile with many advantages that are superior to software.

Android emulator you’ve used before. Details of the Tencent Gaming Buddy software as well as how to download and install and use to play PUBG Mobile free.

NameTencent Gaming Buddy
Size file 10 MB + 308 MB
OSWindows 7, 8, 10
Version Gamev11.0.16777
DeveloperTencent Games

How to Install Tencent Gaming and play PUBG Mobile PC

Specifically, after installing Tencent Gaming Buddy on the computer (PC) – a list of supported games is displayed and players only need to click download to enjoy.

  • 1. Access the website address: https://TencentGamingBuddy.Net/hi/
  • 2. Click “Download now” to download the installation file to your computer. The file size of this PUBG Mobile emulator is larger than 1GB so please use the LAN to ensure the download speed.
  • 3. Click “Install” to install, this step will take a few minutes.
  • 4. After installation, select “Start” to launch the game, now you can click “Add Icon” to add an icon to your main screen.
how to Install pubg mobile on gameloop

software TGB India Picture

The first test version of Tencent Gaming Buddy was only available for PUBG Mobile and after experiencing we realized the great many that this software possesses is exactly like a version for professional PC.

You can play PUBG Mobile on your computer without having to manipulate with joytick keyboards, instead of directly using the buttons on the keyboard to control or manipulate the pre-arranged actions such as:

  • Move: W up, S down, A right, D left
  • Left click to shoot, right click to aim – aim the reticle by rotating the mouse
  • R reloads, F picks up items
  • Tab to open equipment, Ctrl to show and hide mouse …
  • … there are many other functions that are very similar to PUBG for PC.

Shortcuts when playing PUBGm With TGB

Some shortcuts for the operations in the game Pubg Mobile Vietnamese are as follows: WASD is to move, use the left mouse to shoot and hit, right click to shoot ADS, Space key to jump and climb, F key to interact , C key to sit, Z key to lie, Alt key is free Look, Shift key to run fast, number keys 1, 2, 3 are guns and weapons, keys 4, 5, 6 are grenades, keys 7, 8, 9, 0 are healing items, F1 is the control display, ~ is the mouse.

So, the TencentGamingBuddy has just taught you how to play PUBG Mobile Tencent on the computer in detail and offline. And now, download and play now! Wish you have moments of fun and relaxation when immersed in the gamers.

Feature of Gameloop (TGB) new 2020

Gameloop is one of the best Android emulation software for PC games today, Gameloop meets most of the hottest survival games today including: PUBG Mobile, Mobile legends or Arena of Valor … and Moreover, Game Loop also runs well with low-profile devices.

download tencent emulator for pubg mobile pc

Play PUBG Mobile of PC in India

Players can choose between 720p, 1080p and Ultra HD 2K resolutions – the final resolution requires a configuration with a GTX 1060 graphics card to work best. The software runs quite smoothly on popular office office laptop models.

GameLoop supports a lot of HOT survival games today such as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, Mobile legends or Arena of Valor, you just need to install through a few simple steps on GameLoop, if you do not know how to do it, you Refer to the tutorial of Download and install games on GameLoop here.

In addition, Gameloop is designed to optimize the quality and experience of the player. You no longer need APK files or have to search Google Play for the games you want. By a series of action games, survival shooter … best now available at the main interface.


  • Love it. I have a lot of fun playing it I was scared at first because of how laggy and bugged PC version was. I think it is not buggy anymore. Yeah good game in general like I said a lot of fun playing it. I would reccomend it to people to try it.

    (*Warning: to play this game you must have a phone or a tablet with higher specs. Devs of the game note that to play you must have at least 2gb ram on the device*) 4.5\5 because it doesn’t rrally have a story in it and I love story based games. Sorry ♡

  • This game is great once you download it. The only reason I give it 4 out of 5 is because I had to download it on a different device. But not only is the game enjoyable, if you leave a review they will get back to you in a few months and you can correct any issues.

    All in all this game deserves a 5 star, but I could not get it on my device. I think Tencent’s work on the game has shown that they have the ability to make great mobile games. I would rather have this over fortnite mobile.

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