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TGB giả lập cho PCPUBG’s mobile phone players have long demanded a way to play games with controllers or keyboards and mice. With the official Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, the only downloadable software, you can play PUBG Mobile on your PC.

NameTencent Gaming Buddy
Size file 10 MB + 308 MB
OSWindows 7, 8, 10
Version Gamev1.0.0.1
DeveloperTencent Games

How to installing Tencent Gaming Buddy on PC / Laptop

  • Step 1: Click on download file
  • Step 2: Then double-click this software file to proceed to install it on the device
  • Step 3: Next you will see the Install button and click
  • Step 4: When the installation is completed, you will see the Start button, then click on it to finish

How to install PUBG Mobile on Tencent emulator

  • After downloading and installing this software, you can now install PUBG Mobile to play
  • Then click on My games or game Center then select PUBG Mobile, and click Download button to download game data.
  • When downloading is complete, it installs itself and you just need to select Play / Start playing the game
tencent gaming buddy english

main interface image of TGB emulator software

New features on the TGB emulator

When it comes to playing mobile games on computers, we will probably think of names like BlueStacks, Nox or LDPlayer ... but most of these emulators are quite large in size, complicated settings ..

It is not to mention the consumption of resources, when used in parallel with other computer programs will cause shock, lag, reduce work performance.

However, all the above disadvantages have been thoroughly overcome by Game Loop, specifically:

Extremely light installation Simple installation operation, with just a few mouse clicks Quick installation process

This simulator is designed to optimize the quality and experience of the player. We no longer need APK files or have to search in CH Play the games we want, because a series of action games, survival shooters ... are available right now The main interface (Game Center) of Gameloop.

PUBG Mobile

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mini World

Free Fire

Auto Chess

ZingSpeed Mobile

There is rarely a computer simulator that allows users to tweak settings as diverse and detailed as Game Loop, just go to Settings, we can configure the configuration for itself. interface, RAM, image quality ...)

Or if you want to play games smoother, display images more clearly, you only need 1-2 clicks to choose the display with HD quality or more.

With other mobile games (such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire ...), after installing on the emulator, we will need to set up the virtual keyboard, not only takes time but for those who do not have much experience, This will be a big challenge.

But Gameloop is superior to these pre-installed buttons and shows us on the list to the right of the screen. You can immediately use these settings or adjust yourself if desired.
It can be said not too much that Gameloop is a simulator that was born to serve survival games like PUBG Mobile. You will have a better experience with this best game in the world today.

Video How to install PUBG Mobile on PC

Ask Questions for Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming buddy is Tencent's new emulator software, It helps players experience the PUBG mobile game on PC
To change the language for this emulator is very simple
1.Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the upper right corner after launching the game

2.Then click on the last second option : this takes you to settings click on the last drop down menu and choose english then click the left side button that pops up at the lower end

4.this should change the language to english

CPU: Intel Dual Core or AMD at 2.8 GHz.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / 9600GT, ATI / AMD Radeon HD2600 / 3600.

Memory: at least 4GB of RAM

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Hard drive: 3GB

Tap the menu at the top right corner of the emulator’s window > settings > engine. For the best performance, set it to:

Rendering – Direct X+ (High Stability, But high CPU Consumption)
Enable the render cache
Enable rendering optimizations (if you have selected Direct X+, OpenGL+)

Set anti-aliasing to close or ultimate (On ultimate if you have high-end GPU)

Set memory, the processor to auto

DPI – 240

Save and Restart.
Open TGB > Play > PUBG Mobile Settings > Controls > Customize) > Tap the keyboard icon from the side menu > click to chang
Keys Shortcuts in Tencent Gaming Buddy

img Keys Shortcuts PUBG Mobile for Tencent Gaming budyd


  • very nice game . A big Wow for it just love it, very addictive. thanks tencent games to give this type of superb game but one small update is needed that it is of very high gb 1.7 GB we all want to download but it needs wifi and it is of high GB also so please update this. And yeah reader dont think just go and click install button and say winner winner chicken dinner!

  • every time i am trying to download but it is saying completed but it not coming.either you give me the data back or please work on it.worst not responding sooner really very bad.

  • i have dowloaded the game 3 times but i still can’t install.after the game has finish downloading 100% complete then everything just vanish no error notification or anything as if i never downloaded it.

  • The game is awesome! Awesome graphics! The best game available for mobile platform! Love it! This game has shaped the future of professional gaming in India. Thank you so much PUBG mobile!

  • there are so many cheaters in this game especially in Asia server, some of us disturbed with cheaters, and as it can be seen that 10 best conquerors in Asia server are cheaters, how they have K/D ratio around 128 when one match contain 100 people

  • Always having a problem of network and server issue. Though my other applications run good with the same network. This really pisses me off. This also happens suddenly in the game when i am not switching to any other network. Everytime i have to uninstall and install again to solve this issue temporarily. I cannot install and uninstall this large file every now and then.

  • I Loved this game… many peoples wasting their money…for this game….plzz ensure valuable rewards for them on the basis of value of money…and also include best rewards for the royale pass session and also a problem of renderring for the other devices when the enimies are close to us then the phone gets lag and….decrease processing speed…plz fix this bug …then it will be the better game…in all levels…

  • Its really good!! But the thing is hackers are increasing more and more so i think pubg should do something i m playing since a long time some of my friends have already shifter to another games i really dont want to shift plz remove hackers ASAP!!!!!

  • Love it. I have a lot of fun playing it I was scared at first because of how laggy and bugged PC version was. I think it is not buggy anymore. Yeah good game in general like I said a lot of fun playing it. I would reccomend it to people to try it. (*Warning: to play this game you must have a phone or a tablet with higher specs. Devs of the game note that to play you must have at least 2gb ram on the device*) 4.5\5 because it doesn’t rrally have a story in it and I love story based games. Sorry ♡

  • If your looking at this then your probably going to get pubg mobile for the first time. If you haven’t been playing since it came out, you’ll be lucky to get in the top 10. Its laggy, it’s got people who have been playing for years, and it’s unbalanced with matchmaking.

    Not to mention that if you dont have absolutely amazing internet connection, you’ll rarely get a teammate that speaks the same language as you.

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